TV Pro

TV Pro

Personal TV or audio listening using a transmitter connected to the TV with a Conversor Pro pendant receiver.

  • Sound direct from the TV or audio source
  • High quality sound transmission
  • Can be used with sound systems in conferences, church halls or lecture theatres
  • Groups catered for with TV Pro multipack

Conversor TV Pro is you to listen to the TV or other audio source without increasing the volume on the television which can irritate other viewers. Simply plug the transmitter into the television, place the receiver around the neck, switch the hearing aid to the telecoil or T setting and listen through the hearing aid or just plug a set of headphones or earphones into the Conversor Pro receiver.

If there are two of you watching the television who require some assistance with hearing then just add another Conversor Pro receiver.

Conversor TV Pro can be used in classrooms or lecture halls and will transmit the speaker’s voice to anyone who is wearing a Conversor Pro receiver. Just plug the TV Pro transmitter into the audio output of the sound system or classroom soundfield system and it broadcasts clearly to the receiver worn around the participant's neck.

Conversor TV Pro transmitter has an automatic gain control to maximize sound quality where there is a change in the relative speech to noise level of the broadcast.

Conversor TV Pro transmitter can be purchased as an upgrade to your existing Conversor Pro so you have a transmitter permanently plugged into your television system ready for you to watch the television without plugging in the Conversor Pro microphone/transmitter every time.  This enhanced package is called Conversor Pro Plus and can also be purchased separately.  

Conversor TV Pro can also be added to a Conversor Pro multipack format for groups and enables Schools, universities, churches and conference venues to fully comply with the DDA requirements for the hard of hearing. It avoids the expense of installing a fixed room loop and for groups that require mobility this can be the ideal complement to a sound system or classroom soundfield system.

► Contents

  • Conversor TV Pro transmitter
  • Conversor Pro pendant receiver
  • Power supply unit/charger
  • Audio cable
  • TV cable

► Key features

  • Always ready

Conversor TV Pro transmitter is mains powered and can be set up once and connected to the television ready for listening and viewing.  When the television is turned off the Conversor TV Pro transmitter stops transmitting and goes into standby mode. As soon as you switch on the television it starts transmitting.

  • Automatic gain control

Conversor TV Pro automatically adjusts the transmitted signal to cope with variations in the speech to noise level on the television. For example when there is a quiet passage in a film the noise level is often quite high when using an assistive device. Conversor TV Pro reduces this noise level until speech or music resumes, making your listening experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

  • Group situations

Conversor TV Pro can be used where more than one person wants to listen to the television or audio broadcast, for example in care homes or charity groups.

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