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When you have conference calls, it can be difficult to hear what other people on the phone are saying, sometimes people talk at the same time. If you have hearing loss we know that It can be tough to pick out the voice of the speaker above the ambient noise, even in meetings.

Solution 1

Use Conversor Pro with directional microphone to focus on the voice of the person speaking. The speaker is given the microphone on directional mode to hold as a normal microphone, wear around their neck on a neck lanyard or place on the table in front of them.

Conversor Pro can be used with hearing aids set to the T, on Telecoil setting, with one or two earbuds or with a set of headphones. When used with headphones the Conversor can amplify the sound source sufficiently to help you. With a hearing aid the aid will do most of the amplification and matching of the sound to compensate for the type of hearing loss you suffer from. In this mode the Conversor Pro acts as a communication device which significantly reduces ambient and background noise.

Solution 2

Use Listenor Pro, an amplified listening device which has an omni-directional microphone fitted as standard. An optional directional microphone can be purchased for situations where the individual wishes to point the microphone at a particular speaker. Listenor Pro has the option of connecting to a headphone or earbud(s) or an inductive loop for wireless connection to the hearing aid. This device is only effective for small groups or rooms where the speaker is no more than five metres away from the microphone.

Solution 3

Recording the discussion group using a directional microphone and a voice recorder allows the listener to concentrate on you, the speaker and understand what is being said. If there are any gaps in their understanding these can be addressed later by reviewing the audio recording. Conversor Pro Recorder allows the individual to bookmark key parts of the discussion group as he is recording. The recording can be made by an Apple iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Future releases will be made on Android and Word platforms.

The iOS device can be used with a directional microphone which is connected to the device using Conversor’s iOS adapter cable. This is a Y-cable with an earphone socket for playback and a microphone socket for recording.

Conversor Pro can be used as a wireless microphone using an adapter cable plugged into the Conversor Pro Receiver. The transmitter is placed next to the speaker and the Conversor Pro Recorder controlled by the listener.

To amplify the recording from an iPhone or iPad connect the device to a Conversor Pro or Listenor Pro with headphones or an inductive neck loop as above.

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