The Best Assistive Listening Device In The UK (Affordable – Portable – Easy To Use)

conversor pro receiver, assistive listening device

When it comes to managing hearing loss there is an overwhelming array of products that claim to help people who are deaf or who are hard of hearing. Many cheaper devices are simply amplifiers, which actually compromise any prescription device already in use, often adding noise or distortion too. Assistive listening devices (also known as […]

5 Reasons You Need A Portable Hearing Loop For Your Church

5 Reasons You Need A Portable Hearing Loop For Your Church When creating an environment in which your congregation can worship and engage in church life freely, it is important to consider those members who have difficulty hearing or may be deaf. Acquiring a portable hearing loop for your church building is one way to […]

Why smartphones need external microphones to improve the sound quality of voice recordings in lecture halls or school classrooms

There are two microphones on most Android devices and three on the iPhone. On the Android device there is one at the top edge of the phone and one on the bottom edge next to the charging port. On an iPhone there are three microphones, on the front panel at the top, one on the […]

Notetalker 2.0: supporting student productivity

At Notetalker we are constantly working on improving our software in order to meet the needs of every institution and student. We’re excited to announce the arrival of Notetalker 2.0, which now includes: – Compatibility with mind mapping tools, such as Mindview, to increase students’ productivity. – An upgrade to the bookmarking tool to allow […]

Making music and notes are more alike than you think

The latest version of Notetalker welcomes an improved solution for students to take productive notes. We believe that learning the fundamentals of how to take effective notes is an important skill to master. We’re working on developing a set of resources to help students master the art of note taking. In the meantime, we’ve created this brilliant introduction […]

Spellchecking medical language has never been easier!

We think it’s worth sharing an update about Notetalker Edit’s spellchecker. The built-in function can be used with medical spellchecking software, Medincle. It is a DSA approved product and ideal for all students who are studying degrees related to healthcare. The medical spellchecker will save students time and boost productivity. Medincle can be purchased through […]