Product spotlight: Conversor HD

Helping those hard of hearing or hearing-impaired patients hear better in difficult or noisy environments, the Conversor HD is a revolutionary piece of equipment. Supplied with new digital microphone technology, which actively cancels out background noise, sounds feed directly into the hearing aid via a HD microphone and the loop/telecoil system.

Bob asks: Whats the difference between Pro and HD?

Back in 2003 Conversor Pro replaced Conversor F3, as a more modern successor. It has normal boost and zoom modes, just like the F3.Pro’s “Zoom” directional mic has a sharper sound but its directionality isnt that pronounced. Our clients liked the Pro but it needed something extra, especially in the light of the drastic improvements

Conversor product improvements

At Conversor we are constantly looking for ways to improve our products. These products are here to help you. You asked “Please can you increase the noise rejection?” Well we’ve done just that! This Autumn we will be launching our best microphone yet…. Conversor HD. Conversor HD has a new “Gold” transducer assembly, which actively