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Conversor Pro Kit


Conversor Pro wireless assistive listening device for two persons
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Conversor Pro kit is a Conversor Pro with an additional Conversor Pro receiver and power supply unit ideal for two people listening to the same speaker or TV sound. Conversor Pro helps you to hear better in difficult or noisy environments such as a restaurant, meeting place or conference or lecture hall. Conversor Pro also helps you to hear better when listening to the TV. Hearing aids aren't always at their best in busy environments with a lot of background noise. Conversor Pro helps you to focus on the speaker's voice and reduce the effects of room acoustics and background noise. With Conversor Pro, your desired sounds are clearer and more intelligible so you can feel free to take a more active part in everyday situations. Conversor Pro can also be used with headphones or earphones. You can be up to 40 metres (120 feet) from the speaker indoors and over twice that distance outdoors. Conversor Pro is a versatile wireless FM assistive listening device that provides enhanced sound level and clarity for hard of hearing users. Consisting of a powerful handheld or free-standing microphone and a lightweight pendant receiver that is worn around the neck, Conversor Pro is easy to use. Conversor Pro can be used both to channel one particular sound source, such as a speaker, and also surrounding voices if needed-particularly useful in group scenarios. You can purchase additional receivers for friends, family or group members who are also hearing impaired and want to listen to the speaker at the same time. Receivers can be purchased individually or as part of a Conversor Pro Multipack system.
Technical Information


Housing:                                  Plastic. Matt black finish.

Dimensions:                            10.2cm (L) x 3.3cm (W) x 2.3cm (D)

Weight:                                    67 g.

VHF Frequencies:                   Channels between 169.4000 – 216.9999MHz

Channel Selection:                  PLL Synthesizer

Battery Type:                          Rechargeable Li-Ion single cell

Charge life:                             8 hours approx. Red LED battery warning

Charge Time:                          2hrs from full discharge can be topped up

RF Power and Range:            <10mW Outside; up to 300 feet. Inside; 90 to 150 feet typical

Mic muting:                             Mic muted when line input is connected

Modulation:                             FM

Maximum Deviation:              +/- 15 kHz

Spurious Emission:                 Below maximum ETSI permitted limits

Frequency Stability:                < +/-5kHz (0-40 degrees Celsius)

Frequency Response:            +/- 3dB between 300Hz – 4kHz with resistive load

Microphone:                            Switchable omni / undirectional Electret microphones

Omni Field:                             Sensitive to all directions

Front to Back Ratio:                Up to 30dB reduction of rearward sound @ 1kHz and up to 15dB reduction to the sides

Line Input Sensitivity:              100mV RMS @ 10kohms, stereo mini-jack

Sensitivity:                               Soft-limited, two threshold levels for both line and microphone inputs.

Battery Indicator Light:            Light changes from green to red, indicating 25% battery capacity remaining



Housing:                                  Plastic. Matt black finish.

Dimensions:                            6.5cm (L) x 3.4cm (W) x 1.7cm (D)

Weight:                                    61 g.

VHF Frequencies:                   Channels between 169.4000 -216.9999 MHz

Channel Selection:                  PLL Synthesizer. Pro auto-tune (PRAT TM) for class selection in school application

Squelch:                                  PSSS TM circuitry switches off audio and switches on local microphone when there is no transmission

Receive Indicator:                   LED indication of received signal

Battery Type:                          Rechargeable Li-Ion cell

Charge life:                             8 hours approx operation. LED changes from green to red as capacity drops to 25%

Charge Time:                          2hrs from full discharge, can be topped up, can be used for 1 hr after a 15min charge.

Frequency Stability:                < +/-5kHz (0-40 degrees Celsius)

Frequency Response:            +/- 3dB between 300Hz – 4kHz with resistive load

Audio Output:                          3.5mm 3-pole (stereo) jack socket

Distortion:                                <5% at max volume (typical <1%)

S/N ratio:                                 > 50dB

Load Impedance:                    32 Ohms

Integral Inductive Loop:          Inductive field meets BS 6083 Part 4 in appropriate mode


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