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Conversor Pro Plus


Conversor Pro Plus system with additional TV Pro transmitter and charger View more details..

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Conversor Pro Plus gives you two affordable assistive listening devices for the price of one that offers the user the versatility to enjoy the most out of everyday life. With unmatched comfort, ease of use, and wireless portability, Conversor Pro Plus is the perfect hearing companion for anyone with a hearing difficulty. It is designed for easy use with Telecoil-equipped hearing aids or cochlear implants, or binaural headphones or earphones.Conversor Pro Plus comprises a Conversor Pro, for everyday use in the home and for outside at church gatherings, family meals and in lecture theatres, together with the TV Pro transmitter for TV Listening at home. Both Conversor Pro microphone/transmitter and TV Pro transmitter work with Conversor Pro receiver giving you added flexibility of how and where you use your assistive listening device.Conversor Pro focuses on desired sounds, near or far away, filtering out unwanted background noise up to 30 dB, and greatly enhancing sound level and clarity. By removing background noise, the desired sound is much clearer and more intelligible, even in noisy environments. And by increasing the available sound level, less strain is placed on hearing aid amplifiers, eliminating distortion and feedback.With Conversor Pro, users can now take a more active part in everyday listening situations, without the frustration of not hearing properly. It enables easy listening and relaxed conversation anywhere users happen to be - whether in the classroom or office, at social gatherings, driving in the car, out shopping, or at home.
Key Features

Zoom Setting

Provides the microphone/transmitter a very precise and narrow focus, allowing the user to select a particular sound source from a number of different sounds.

Omni-Directional Setting

Enables you to focus on sounds from all around but at close proximity, and is useful in 'round-table' situations such as family dinners or business meetings.

Background Noise Reduction

Conversor Pro reduces unwanted background and peripheral sound by up to 30db. This allows you to focus clearly on the sounds you want to hear.

Wireless Portability

You can place Conversor Pro microphone/transmitter close to the desired sound source and listen from a distance. Use it with ease at conferences, in a classroom or lecture hall, at a dinner party, or simply as an aid to watching television.

Use with one or more receivers for hard of hearing groups

You can purchase additional receivers for friends, family or group members who are also hard of hearing and want to listen to the speaker at the same time. Receivers can be purchased individually or as part of a Conversor Pro multipack system.

No fiddling with cables when you want to watch TV

Once set up, TV Pro transmitter is permanently connected to the mains supply and the television. So once set up you can listen to your favourite television programme at the press of a button.

Upgrade your Conversor Pro to Conversor Pro Plus

Just buy the Conversor TV Pro upgrade pack and convert your Conversor Pro into Conversor Pro Plus

Technical Information

FCC ID: QA6CONVERSPRO – complies with Part 15 of the FCC rules

Microphone Housing: Plastic. Matt black finish.

Dimensions: 10.2cm (L) x 3.3cm (W) x 2.3cm (D) Weight: 67 g.

VHF Frequencies: Channels between 164.4000 – 216.9999MHz

Channel Selection: PLL Synthesizer

Battery Type: Rechargeable Li-Ion single cell

Charge life: 10 hours approx. Red LED battery warning

Charge Time: 2.5hrs from full discharge can be topped up

RF Power and Range: 50dB

Load Impedance: 32 Ohms

Integral Inductive Loop: Inductive field meets BS 6083 Part 4 in appropriate mode


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