Accessories & Cables

Conversor manufacture a range of cables and accessories to enable you to connect wired and wireless microphones to iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android and other smartphones and tablets. There are also a range of accessories and spares listed here to help you enjoy the use of your assistive listening device or group system. If you have a product requirement which is not on our list, do not hesitate to contact us on

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£ 10.00 Plus VAT

Stereo jack plug to Stereo socket cable for connecting audio source to Apple devices

£ 10.00 Plus VAT

Connects Conversor Pro receiver to an iOS device for wireless recording using CON01ADP

Accessories & Cables

Listenor Pro extension cable

£ 10.00 Plus VAT

Extension cable for Listenor Pro

£ 9.50 Plus VAT

Works with all Android devices manufactured in 2013, 2012, 2011 and before. Price shown includes VAT.

Accessories & Cables

Conversor earphones

£ 7.50 Plus VAT

Earphones for use with Listenor Pro or Conversor Pro

Accessories & Cables

Scart Adapter

£ 5.15 Plus VAT

Audio/Video out scart adpater for TV connection to an audio device.

Accessories & Cables

Conversor Pro neck lanyard

£ 4.15 Plus VAT

Conversor Pro neck lanyard for wireless transmitter

Accessories & Cables

Listenor Pro Neck Lanyard

£ 4.00 Plus VAT

Neck lanyard for Listenor Pro

£ 2.99 Plus VAT

4pin plug to 4pin socket for for connecting Apple headphones to Android smartphones or tablets or connecting Android compatible headphones to iPhones and iPads. Price shown includes VAT.