Assistive Listening Devices

We stock an extensive range of assistive listening devices, all designed to provide the right support in situations where sound can be an issue. We carry a number of devices designed for different applications, from home use to work, teaching and courtrooms. These have all been developed to be as portable, lightweight and adaptable as possible to provide the best support.

Choose from our variety of hearing amplifiers – our Listenor Pro with earphones is ideal for those who have mild to moderate hearing loss, and our Conversor Pro group system is perfect for tour guides and hard of hearing groups. Select your device's application below for tailored products.

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Assistive Listening Devices

Conversor Pro (only 2 left in stock)

£ 369.00 £ 249.00 Plus VAT

A remote wireless microphone placed close to the sounds you want to hear, feeds directly into your hearing aid, via the loop/telecoil system.

Assistive Listening Devices

Conversor HD Kit

£ 519.00 Plus VAT

Conversor Pro wireless assistive listening device for two persons