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Easier learning in classes and lectures.


Listening to the speaker in a lecture hall can be a challenge for the hard of hearing. Average ambient noise in university or college venues is around 70dB and can create a wall of diffuse or unintelligible sound, even to the person wearing a hearing aid.

Conversor offers a range of options for improving sound in lecture halls, classrooms, and seminars. Our products are sensitive, lightweight and adaptable to those situations where students want to be present and engaged, rather than straining to hear.

Option 1: Use Conversor Pro

Conversor Pro is an ideal assistive listening device for individuals in large, crowded situations such as lectures. The hard of hearing student wears a Conversor Pro receiver which is wirelessly connected to a microphone transmitter that can either be held by the lecturer in hand, or worn comfortably around his neck. If the student is front-row seated, the transmitter can simply be placed on a desk, nearby lectern or pointed towards the speaker.

Conversor Pro features

  • Directional microphone, capable of isolating the voice of the speaker
  • Receiver designed to work with hearing aids set to the ‘T’ or telecoil setting, or with one or both earphones or a headphone set
  • Further sound amplification when used with headphones
  • Sound-matching capabilities to accommodate individual types of hearing loss
  • Use with Notetalker voice-recording app and Notetalker Edit to record sessions and make detailed notes

Option 2: Use Listenor Pro

Listenor Pro is an amplified listening device designed for small groups or rooms where the speaker is no more than 5 metres away. Also ideal for improving sound clarity for front-row seated hard of hearing students.

Listenor Pro features

  • Multi-directional microphone fitted as standard
  • Can also be used with a directional microphone to focus on a particular speaker’s voice
  • Easy use with headphones or earphones, or an inductive loop for wireless connection to the  hearing aid
  • Significant background and ambient noise reduction enabling better communication  between speaker and listener

Recording lectures and classes

Another alternative to missing key points in lectures is to record them using our Notetalker voice-recording app on a smartphone or tablet. Simply connect a Conversor directional microphone to the device using Conversor’s iOS adaptor cable. This is a Y-cable with an earphone socket for playback and a microphone socket for recording.

After the session, students can then upload their recordings to Notetalker Edit on their Mac or PC to edit them and add detail. Recordings can be reviewed as many times as needed, and bookmarked to highlight particular moments. This allows the listener to engage fully with the speaker and focus on understanding what is being said during the session, rather than taking notes as he listens.

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Wireless communication

For more discreet use, the Conversor Pro microphone can be used wirelessly. The microphone transmitter is placed next to the speaker and the listener controls the voice recording using their Notetalker app. To amplify the recording from a smartphone or tablet, they can simply connect the device to a Conversor Pro or Listenor Pro device with headphones or an inductive neck loop.

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