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Note-taking App

Notetalker note taking app for iOS and Android and Notetalker Edit for Windows and Mac PCs, provide a complete note taking solution for meetings, lectures, conferences and classes. They are perfect for individuals who find it difficult to take notes at the same time as concentrating on the speaker.

Record meetings or lectures with ease using the app, bookmarking key points in the discussion and taking photos of key slides, then upload it all and make notes using the editing software. Both programmes can be used in conjunction with Conversor directional microphones and connecting cables.

Key features:

  • - Easily and discretely record meetings, lectures, classes and discussions to ensure you don't miss a thing

  • - Bookmark key points in the recording to ensure you can easily refer back to them

  • - Take photos while recording and assign images to key points in the audio

  • - Label and categorise your notes for quick reference 

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App Editing Software Key Features:

  • - Upload your recordings, bookmarks and images

  • - Make and organise notes which refer to key points in the recording

  • - Edit your notes, add comments and re-arrange bookmarks

  • - Colour code and illustrate your notes for easy identification

  • - Attach a PowerPoint presentation

  • - Print your notes with comments for further study or share with others through Dropbox, shared folders or an FTP server

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