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Don't miss out when taking a tour, ensure you can hear the tour guide clearly even from the back of the group.

There may be one or more hard of hearing participants in a tour guide group. Many people struggle in these situations even with perfect hearing. This is because of the high level of background noise at most tour venues, poor acoustics at the location and noise or other participants talking between the tour guide and the listener. On many occasions the tour guide also has to raise their voice to be heard.

Whether the participant has hearing loss or not, Conversor Pro multipack system can help. The tour guide wears the Conversor Pro transmitter and speaks normally. Individuals with normal hearing or mild hearing loss can be provided with a Conversor Pro receiver and headphones, whilst the hearing aid wearer can just switch his hearing aid to Telecoil or T-setting.

Conversor Pro can be used indoors or outside, so is ideal for a tour guide with multiple locations.

Individuals can be up to 50 metres from the speaker indoors and up to 100 metres outdoors.

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