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TV Hearing Aid

Use a Conversor TV hearing aid to watch TV or listen to music on your iPad, PC or radio without disturbing your loved ones or neighbours. We understand that if you are hard of hearing, you often struggle to catch television's fast-paced dialogue. Although we know that captioning is a great help, hearing is preferred to reading captions.

If you have hearing loss you may have a simple way to cope with the challenges of TV listening: by turning up the volume. This, however, has two problems. First, the sound you find most comfortable tends to be irritatingly loud to spouses and family members. Second, louder sound isn't necessarily clearer sound.

The most effective way to listen to the television is to use a TV hearing aid such as Conversor Pro or TV Pro. Connect the Conversor Pro microphone transmitter or the TV Pro transmitter to the television scart or phono socket, and the sound for other viewers is left untouched. The transmitter then sends the sound directly from the television to a Conversor Pro receiver worn around the neck. This then connects wirelessly with the Telecoil or T program in the hearing aid, or alternatively can be used with headphones or earphones. For best results use good quality headphones, or custom-fit earmoulds with the earphones. You have your own personal volume control on the Conversor Pro receiver which you can adjust without affecting the volume for anyone else in the room.

Listenor Pro is a wired solution for listening to the television. It is ideal for people with a mild to moderate hearing loss where it is only the relative sound volume which requires adjustment.

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