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USB sound card

USB sound card


USB media card to connect laptop to microphone/headset View more details..

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USB media card for connecting headphone and microphone to laptop or PC.

Many laptops do not have two ports for connecting a microphone and headset separately. Where they only have one port the socket is usually a 4 pin socket which allows headsets to be connected.

To connect a standard microphone with a mono or stereo plug will depend on the set up of the laptop or PC.

Some laptops/PCs automatically sense that there is a microphone and enable connection through the single socket.

Others require a connector cable, CON01ADP Conversor Adapter cable, to connect the microphone to the PC.

In other laptop/PCs neither of these methods of connection will work. In which case the only alternative is to use a USB Media card which connects using any one of the USB ports on the laptop or PC.


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