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Making communication clearer

Relax With Family and Friends

Conversor products can help you enjoy a noisy family meal by filtering out the background noise, allowing you to focus on a particular speaker.

Relaxed conversation in a room

When users place the Conversor Pro microphone/transmitter on the coffee table or other surface facing their speaking companion, they will be able to hold a conversation in a relaxed manner. Conversor Pro microphone/transmitter is now closer than the user's hearing aid to the sound they want to hear, resulting in a higher degree of sound clarity, and enabling them to converse in a more relaxed manner.

Conversation between rooms

At home, most couples do not spend all of their time together in the same room. If one of them is hard of hearing, the other may have to continuously shout or have to walk back into the room in order to converse. If the partner who is hard of hearing wears the Conversor Pro receiver and the other wears the Conversor Pro microphone/transmitter, then they can talk at normal listening levels, even when moving about from one room to another. Conversor Pro can also be used this way for relaxed conversation when out and about, whether shopping or simply going for a walk.

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