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Welcome to Conversor, the leading portable voice amplifier providers in the UK. We have over 12 years' experience within the industry and supply everything you need to ensure sound is improved if you have hearing difficulties, whether you are in classes, lectures or on guided tours.

We have a range of powerful and lightweight wireless microphones to choose from, which means that you can enjoy easier learning and a better experience. No matter how busy or crowded the environment - our devices transmit clear sound, cutting through background noise and isolating key dialogue.

Portable Voice Amplifiers

Established in 2003, we are proud of the reputation we have gained over the years and the customer service our team provides, supplying personal amplifiers and portable amplifiers to our customers and advising on the set up as required.

Connect wirelessly using your hearing aid through the telecoil or ‘T’ setting, or directly using one of our audio input cables and a suitable audio shoe. Get closer and hear better, without moving an inch.

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Conversor assistive listening devices are portable, lightweight and adaptable to key scenarios where sound can be an issue.

So whether you want to absorb new information more comfortably in classes, be on the ball for a new client meeting, or just perform your daily tasks more easily, Conversor is there to support you.

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What others say about us

US Attorney back to work with Conversor multichannel receiver
" "HIP HIP!!! I am ecstatic! I had the weekend to really sit down with my new 3 microphone Conversor, and I love it. My wife and I simulated a courtroom by putting each microphone in, mind you, a DIFFERENT ROOM, and I heard her splendidly no matter what microphone she was in front of. Even with my hearing aids, I haven't been able to hear everything from one end of a room to the other, let alone in DIFFERENT ROOMS! I used the headset option but my hearing doctor is swapping my current hearing aid tomorrow with one that has a telecoil option so the sounds can transfer directly to my hearing aid, I can't wait! When and how can I be a referral for Conversor? Heck, I want to be a spokesperson. You guys should do TV commercials for this device. I don't know how many lawyers are always complaining that they can't here in those big courtrooms with the echos and sound degradation caused by the high ceilings and background noise!" "
Christopher P Arnone
Conversor gives 110% customer service
" I had a much earlier Conversor Pro and bought a new one in 2011. It is my best piece of kit after my hearing aids and gives me added hear ability in difficult noisy situations. (I have gradually lost my hearing from middle age onwards and am now classed as profoundly deaf) The battery life on this one is much improved and I can now use it in the USA, also Europe, as the charger is adaptable to these countries with very easily changeable electrical connections. "
Jeanne Mantell
Kingsbridge & District Tinnitus and Hard of Hearing Group
" We have started from humble beginnings and gone from strength to strength, starting in the village of Stokenham before expanding and moving into a much more prominent venue in Kingsbridge. "
Brenda Winter
Improved my life no end
" "This instrument has improved my life no end and has not cost me a fortune.My NHS hearing aid was of limited use to my at work as it amplified all sounds and voices just faded into the background noise of machinery and people moving about. I also found it difficult to attend lecture sessions as any extraneous noise made hearing increasingly difficult." "
J Webb
Conversor has given me more confidence and independence
" It is a great delight to be able to hear so much more and from a distance. My son fitted the present loop system I have an although it is quite good, the loop is limited to one room only. Now thanks to the Conversor I can still hear in the kitchen which is a big bonus to me. "
Mrs J Grayson
Conversor brings a family closer together
" Just had to tell you how much this item has helped my elderly parents! They have an "iPad", which has terribly low audio. They use it often to try Skype-ing their grand-daughters across the country, but with the bad volume, they can't really hear the conversation. "
Randall Davis
The best invention since hearing aids
" The Conversor is the best invention I have seen since hearing aids, which I have worn all my life. "
Vivienne Pozo
No longer isolated when in company
" I have confidence in the Conversor Pro. The controls are visible and are press button, so no problem for insensitive fingers. I can listen to a radio in my kitchen when at the end of our 100ft long garden or in a room several rooms away. Also the microphone part can be placed on my dining table, so that I can hear the door bell or telephone when in the TV room using a loop. The gadget has been successful when dining out with moderate background noise when placed on a table with people speaking normally to each other or to me without having to touch the microphone. "
Donald W. McLean