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Conversor Products: Listening Devices & Personal Amplifiers

Welcome to Conversor, the leading portable voice amplifier providers in the UK. We have over 12 years’ experience within the industry and supply everything you need to ensure sound is improved if you have hearing difficulties, whether you are in classes, lectures or on guided tours.

We have a range of powerful and lightweight wireless microphones to choose from, which means that you can enjoy easier learning and a better experience. No matter how busy or crowded the environment – our devices transmit clear sound, cutting through background noise and isolating key dialogue.

Portable Voice Amplifiers

Established in 2003, we are proud of the reputation we have gained over the years and the customer service our team provides, supplying personal amplifiers and portable amplifiers to our customers and advising on the set up as required.

Connect wirelessly using your hearing aid through the telecoil or ‘T’ setting, or directly using one of our audio input cables and a suitable audio shoe. Get closer and hear better, without moving an inch.

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Conversor assistive listening devices are portable, lightweight and adaptable to key scenarios where sound can be an issue.

So whether you want to absorb new information more comfortably in classes, be on the ball for a new client meeting, or just perform your daily tasks more easily, Conversor is there to support you.

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